Hankinson, Inc. specializes in the on-site service of dynamic measurements
for general data acquisition and diagnosing and correcting problems in industries nationwide:

  • Vibration- torsional vibration analysis and planar vibration analysis
  • Modal Analysis and Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) analysis
  • Process variation and efficiency- identify undesirable fluctuations in any measurable process quality (tension, pressure, temperature, thickness, speed, width, etc) and correct the root causes
  • Machinery motion- rotary and linear, magnitude and timing
  • Product quality problems- identifying and correcting source of problems- machinery, electrical controls, procedural, or personnel
  • The response between electrical controls and mechanical devices
  • Other Specialized Electrical and Mechanical Measurements

Some of the techniques we use to support our client's efforts
to produce a more competitive product and process:

  • Vibration analysis- modal analysis and operational deflection shapes (ODS), resonance identification
  • Mechanical power transmission- torsional vibration, response, resonance, timing, accuracy, registration
  • Analysis of process variations: temperature, pressure, rotational velocity, torque, linear force, and displacement
  • Electro-mechanical systems- total response, mechanical response, control response
  • Measurement of: frequency, phase, and timing delay times
  • Servo motor systems- response, delay, tuning
  • High speed timing analysis
  • Determination of sound sources
  • Long term process variation analysis
  • Electrical signal analysis

Our experience allows us to function effectively with your in-house
engineering staff but with minimal local support or disruption.

We solve the difficult problems you haven't had the time to concentrate
on- even those unique to your process.

We are dedicated to keeping our clients competitive in a global market;
if your problem is not in our areas of expertise, we will recommend another resource.