Hankinson, Inc. in addition to providing measurement services to industry, is a manufacturer's representative for sound and vibration equipment and software. We can provide a complete sound and vibration analysis system including hardware from 2 to 64 channels and 3D animation software for both sound and vibration. With years of experience in machinery design and quality systems design we are in a unique position to provide superior support and training after the sale. Visit the web sites of the following companies for detail information and please call Hankinson to discuss your needs.

OROS- High-end portable sound and vibration analyzers. 2-64 channels, real-time to 40 kHz, 24 bit A to D, simultaneous multiple FFT frequency spans, octave analysis, order tracking and recording. www.OROS.com

Alta Solutions- Online, automated product quality monitoring systems for the process and manufacturing industries. Network capable, automatic data archival with post processing capabilities. www.altasol.com

Brankamp - Quality monitoring and die protection for the stamping industry utilizing self-teaching force and acoustic envelopes to detect misfeeds, slugs, punch breakage and other quality issues. www.Brankamp.com

Dytran Instruments - Precision piezoelectric sensors of acceleration, force, and pressure for aerospace, automotive, and general industry. www.dytran.com

G.R.A.S. Sound and Vibration - A full line of precision sound sensors and accessories. www.gras.us

Kistler Instruments - Manufactures a huge variety of precision piezoelectric sensors and electronics for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration. www.Kistler.com

Vibrant Technology- Produces ME'scope software which is designed to make it easy for you to observe and analyze a variety of vibration, acoustic, and strength of materials problems in machines and structures. It utilizes multi-channel time or frequency domain experimental data, acquired during the operation of a machine, or the static or dynamic loading of a structure. vibetech